Up Close

  • Its for you
  • On Facelifts, Part One
    On facelifts part 1
  • On Facelifts, Part Two
    On facelifts part 2
  • On Looks
    Looks dont mean anything
  • On Attitude
    On Attitude
  • On Personal Heroes
    On personal heroes
  • Covered Mirrors
    On Privacy
  • You know you're getting older when...
    New meanings
  • Rich or famous?
    Rich or famous?
  • Too smart to switch.
    Too smart to switch.
  • Ears
  • On getting older.
    On getting older
  • Apologizing apples.
    Mother-in-law standards
  • Our son would give anything...
    Our son wants a dog.
  • On Insecurity
  • I love...
    I love...
  • Haven't changed...
  • On hasty generalizations
    Hasty generalizations
  • On being beside oneself.
    Beside Myself
  • On Astrology.
  • Scenes from a marriage.
  • Silver threads...
    Silver Threads
  • What price glory?
    What Price Glory
  • On the other hand...
    On the other hand
  • Tomorrow is another day...
    Tomorrow is another day
  • Enough is enough!
  • Nothing's Impossible...
    Nothings impossible
  • Office Job
    Office Job
  • Fair and Foul
    Fair weather friends
  • Which Way Is Up?
    Conflicting cliches
  • Who Do You Trust?
  • Personal hero part 2
  • The Scale and I
    the scale and i
  • Looked in the mirror
  • Liza - first toon 1983 1